Nice's best Indian restaurants

Nice's best Indian restaurants

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Nice, a city where cuisine blends perfectly with cultural diversity, is home to some of the best Indian restaurants in the region. Whether you're looking for an authentic Nice culinary experience or an exotic getaway, Nice is full of Indian restaurants that will awaken your senses and take you straight to India. Thanks to its ideal location, close to the city's attractions and just a short tramway ride away, Hotel Locarno offers easy access to all these delights.

Discover below a selection of the best Indian restaurants in Nice.

Indian lounge - Indian restaurant in the heart of Nice's old town

In the heart of Nice's old town is Indian Lounge, a restaurant specializing in traditional Indian cuisine. Featuring authentic decor and tasty dishes that reflect the richness of Indian flavors, this establishment instantly transports you to faraway lands for the duration of a meal. Our home-cooked dishes offer a wide range of vegetarian options. You can enjoy these delights in the spacious indoor dining room or on the open-air terrace.

  • Address: 34 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice (15min by tramway from Hotel Locarno)

Shalimar - Indian restaurant near avenue Jean Médecin

Shalimar, an Indian restaurant nestled in the picturesque streets of Nice, is located just behind the Nice Étoile center, close to Avenue Jean Médecin. During a day of frantic shopping in Nice, why not take a well-deserved break and treat yourself to a delicious Tandoori or Curry in a traditional setting? Let yourself be carried away by the spicy aromas and flavors that will transport you to faraway lands, and share a delicious moment with your loved ones when you visit Nice.

  • Address: 11 Rue Biscarra, 06000 Nice (15min by tramway from Hotel Locarno)

Le curry - Indian restaurant 2 steps from the Promenade des Anglais

Just a few minutes' walk from the Hotel Locarno and not far from the Promenade des Anglais, Le Curry takes you on a culinary journey to India. Generously served dishes transport you through a thousand exotic flavors. Explore a range of lamb, chicken and biryan curries, to suit all tastes and tastes. Authentic cuisine that invites you to discover India's many specialties.

  • Address: 15 Rue Saint-Philippe, 06000 Nice (5min walk from Hotel Locarno)

Route des Indes - India in Old Nice

Nestled in the heart of Vieux-Nice, the Routes des Indes restaurant offers the ideal setting to discover the delights of Indian cuisine. Its warm ambience welcomes you for a gustatory journey through a thousand and one exotic flavors. With its friendly setting, impeccable service and delicious cuisine, every visit promises a pleasant and memorable moment during your stay in Nice.

  • Address: 3 Rue Francis Gallo, 06300 Nice (15min by tramway from Hotel Locarno)

Whether you want to savor a spicy curry, savor fragrant biryanis or indulge in vegetarian delights, Nice's Indian restaurants invite you to explore the exotic flavors and culinary traditions of India. What's more, the city is full of other typically Nice restaurants, some with sea views, others not, but all welcoming you to their sunny terraces, summer and winter alike.