Visit Nice and try local dishes

Visit Nice and try local dishes

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A trip to Nice is your chance to sample the city's speciality dishes Real Nice cuisine is a blend of flavours from the Mediterranean and Provence. Experience the Nissarde tradition, meet local producers and treat yourself to tasty moments. The Hôtel Locarno Nice brings you 5 local recipes that are soaked in sunshine and Southern France.

Nice food and drink: signature dishes

  • Socca

There are around 200 kinds of Nice specialities and some of them are world-renowned and exported e.g. socca travels as far as Japan. It's Nice's star flatbread made with chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper. Socca is cooked on a wood fire. Tuck in at a restaurant or grab it to take away at the seaside.

The best socca in Nice is at Chez Pipo near the port, 13 rue Bavastro.

Socca  - Credit nice.foodguide
Socca  - Credit nice.foodguide
  • Pan Bagnat

Whilst in Nice, sample the famous Pan Bagnat, bread soaked in olive oil with salade niçoise ingredients. 

The Hôtel Locarno Nice recommends the restaurant Lou Balico, 20 Avenue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, for the best pan bagnat on the Côte d’Azur.


  • Pissaladière

A Niçoise signature dish, pissaladière is served as a nibble or starter. Its a savoury tart with anchovies and olives topping an onion base.

Head to Chez René Socca in the Vieux-Nice, 2 rue Miralheti, to share a delicious pissaladière with friends or family.


Nice specialities: seasonal dishes 

Nice cuisine rolls with the seasons.

Sun-soaked vegetables like tomatoes, courgettes and peppers reach their peak in spring. It's the season to enjoy delicious petits farcis niçois (stuffed vegetables) and tasty courgette flower fritters. Head to the Vieux-Nice and Cours Saleya market to try them.

Beignets de fleurs de courgettes  - Credit alilfatmonkey
Beignets de fleurs de courgettes - Credit alilfatmonkey

Nice celebrates its carnival every February. This is the time to try ganses, the carnival's dessert. Other regions of France call them "les bugnes" or "les merveilles". These orange blossom fritters are adored by children and grown-ups alike. 

The Hôtel Locarno Nice recommends you try this delicious Nice speciality at Boulangerie Jeannot, 8 rue Saint-François de Paule.


Nice's speciality dishes: classics 

  • Chard tart

Take your tastebuds on an adventure in Nice and try classic recipes such as sweet or savoury chard tart. The tart is made of chard, cheese, pine nuts and raisins. Eat warm or cold from stands in the Vieux-Nice's streets.


  • Bagna Cauda

Bagna Cauda is a hot fondue with Niçoise-style raw baby vegetables, olive oil, garlic and anchovy. Try this speciality during your winter break at the Hôtel Locarno Nice.


  • Li merda di can

Experience Nissarde cuisine with "li merda di can" in Niçois dialect (dog dirt) which is actually chard gnocchi. Never fear, it's a delicious Nice speciality

To try them head to Lu Fran Calin, a restaurant approved for its niçoise cuisine by the Nice Côte d'Azur Tourist Board, 5 Rue Francis Gallo.

Li Merda di Can  - Credit pardonyourfrench
Li Merda di Can - Credit pardonyourfrench


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