Discover Confiserie Florian in Nice

Discover Confiserie Florian in Nice

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Confiserie Florian opens its doors to gourmet lovers! Discover this emblematic establishment during your stay in Nice. The Hotel Locarno, with its tramway just a stone's throw away, is the ideal starting point for exploring the confectionery and the surrounding area. The tramway takes you directly to the port of Nice, just a few steps from the confectionery. On the program: history, discoveries and tastings, we'll reveal all the secrets!

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La Confiserie Florian : a family affair

More than a century ago, the adventure of Maison Florian began on the port of Nice. In 1921, the story took shape with the inauguration of the Florian chocolate factory, which quickly forged a reputation for its gourmet creations, even attracting the attention of the famous painter Matisse. A few years later, a perfumery was opened in Pont-du-Loup, before being acquired in 1935 by Parfumerie Fragonard, under the direction of Eugène Fuchs, its founder since 1926. In 1949, the establishment took on a new dimension, becoming the "Confiserie des Gorges du Loup".

Almost two decades later, the Florian chocolate factory gave way to the "Confiserie du Vieux Nice", becoming an extension of the Pont-du-Loup parent company, dedicated primarily to the art of chocolate.

In 1996, the story took a new turn with the separation of the family group's activities. The Costa family took over the reins of Fragonard perfumery, while the Fuchs family chose to preserve Confiserie Florian, perpetuating a family heritage steeped in tradition and know-how.

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Boutique de Nice / Confiserie Florian - Crédit Confiserie Florian

Confiserie Florian: visit and tasting

Chocolate products are the mainstay of the boutique, located on the Port of Nice. Upstairs, you'll have the opportunity to discover the process of making chocolate bars with surprising flavors, as well as the technique of glazing candied fruit and making sour candies. A gourmet adventure that will melt the hearts of young and old alike during your Nice getaway.

Once you've explored this sweet backstage area, dive into the Confiserie Florian boutique, where every nook and cranny is brimming with sweets to discover. The cheerful, colorful atmosphere is ideal for bringing back delicious souvenirs of your Nice vacation. And don't hesitate to ask the shop assistants to let you taste their favorites!

Practical information

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  • Address: 14 Quai Papacino, 06300 Nice
  • Opening hours : 9h-13h / 14h-18h30 (10h-18h on Sundays)
  • Price : Free tasting
  • Website :

Good to know: Port Lympia parking lot, 1h free for all purchases, sale of cold drinks, accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Confiserie Florian remains a fixture on the Nice gourmet scene. Always on the cutting edge, it constantly reinvents itself to offer products suited to every season. If you're planning to spend Easter weekend at the Hotel Locarno, you'll be delighted to discover the chocolate delights on offer, enough to satisfy the taste buds of young and old alike!